A recent study reveals that work related stress is so common that it strikes someone down every 120 seconds. How much does it influence your life?

According to science, stress in the workplace causes sickness.

A survey shows that it represents 37% of illnesses from work.

Furthermore, it also makes other symptoms of sickness even worse.

Experts describe work related stress (WRS) as stemming from the inability to cope with the demands of their job.

“Stress occurs when an individual perceives an imbalance between the demands placed on them on the one hand, and their ability to cope on the other.

“It often occurs in situations characterised by low levels of control and support”.

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Work related stress strikes every two minutes

Additionally, research points to lack of manager support as a trigger for WRS.

Consequently, health and safety figures are beginning to include checks for tension-causing factors in their regulations.

These audits are happening in the rampant cases of work-induced illness.

As such, stress causes an employee to fall sick every two minutes.

Although people are increasingly aware of it, stress is a sly foe.

Experts claim that pressure influences people differently. Therefore, managers have difficulty in controlling its presence in the workplace.

Yet, data shows that employees feel alone on the topic of WRS.

In a survey, over fifty percent of them feel that stress is a major issue in their at work.

Furthermore, over 60 percent of them believe that their employers are disdainful of stress.

Additionally, over fifty percent think that bosses don’t provide any support systems for workplace pressure.

Yet, there are ideas that experts claim can help the presence of WRS, and even stop it.

Workplaces that had good levels of communication and respect proved to have lower levels of stress in employees.

Employees should take note of their stress triggers, and talk about them with managers.

Experts also suggest learning how to say no.  By doing so in a thought out way, and giving a solution, staff can reduce stress levels.

Work related stress - Compelo

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