Being busy usually means poor diets. Right? Well a top nutritionist told us why our diets are actually impacting our performance more than we think. Even if we’re eating healthily!

New research obtained by Compelo has shown that we consume more than three times the ingredients we think we are. Even in a healthy diet! The average British person consumes more that 120 different ingredients every day, however we believe that we are only consuming between 30-40.

One in four of us, it seems, don’t read the packaging on food either.

The more ingredients, the more unhealthy. An academic study found that junk food affected the mental performance of children when tested. Should you check the packaging of your lunchtime supermarket sandwich or your hurriedly-purchased evening ready meal?

top nutritionist - Compelo

What does a top nutritionist think?

Top nutritionist Rob Hobson told Compelo that these ingredients can have worrying effects on our bodies, that we : “Each day, we consume far more ingredients than we think. Most people think that the food they eat is much more simple and pure than it actually is.”

Rob Hobson added, “By either making things from scratch or becoming savvier in the supermarket by reading labels, we can understand what we are consuming and help manage our RDA for things such as salt, sugar and saturated fat. This will then boost our performance in the office.”

Which foods will boost your performance at work?

A Harvard study revealed that fruits and vegetables are the best for helping us perform better in our jobs. They contain vital nutrients which help the body produce more dopamine, a neurotransmitter which boosts the body’s motivation and engagement levels. Fruits and vegetables also provide antioxidants which minimise inflammation, they improve memory, and they can enhance your mood.

So which food should you avoid?

Cornflakes may seem simple, but did you know that they actually containing 13 ingredients including dextrose, artificial flavouring, maize, sugar and salt? A lasagne ready meal can contain over 51 ingredients, including xanthan gum and coconut fat.

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