From chocolate boxes to grilled eel, which of these top 10 restaurants in the world will be added to your bucket list?

According to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, these are the top 10 restaurants in the world. With each chef as imaginative and talented as the next, you’ll find it hard to choose your favourite.

#1 - Osteria Francescana

Modena, Italy

In the face of a conservative food culture, this Italian restaurant has remained innovative. Opened by culinary genius Massimo Bottura in 1995, the restaurant has three Michelin stars.Osteria Francescana top 10 restaurants in the worldIf you’re lucky enough to visit Osteria Francescana, choose between the a la carte menu or from two diverse tasting menus. ‘Sensations’ is the showpiece of the two, changing with the seasons and never failing to surprise. ‘Tradition in Evolution’ is better described as a greatest hits compilation.massimo bottura top 10 restaurants in the world

‘Inspiration comes from the world around me – from art, music, slow food and fast cars.’

#2 - El Celler de Can Roca

Girona, Spain

Ranking second in the top 10 restaurants in the world, this establishment is a family affair. Run by three brothers named Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca, their combined expertise is exceptional.El Celler de Can Roca top 10 restaurants in the worldThe restaurant is hidden away in Gorina, but with discerning customers flocking to El Celler from across the globe, it seems the menu is worthy of the journey.

The Roca brothers close the restaurant every August and visit South America, Turkey and the US to find culinary inspiration. While established favourites never fail to disappoint, the innovative menu is scattered with new and exciting dishes.

#3 - Eleven Madison Park

New York, USA

Eleven Madison Park aims to dissolve the boundaries between the kitchen and dining room. Staff understand the menu so intensely, their service is described as ‘an art’.eleven madison park top 10 restaurants in the worldOwners Will Guidara and Daniel Humm will soon reveal an eleven course menu which will be served exclusively at both lunch and dinner. It promises to showcase their most significant dishes. The culinary journey lasts about three hours and costs $295 per guest.

#4 – Central

Lima, Peru

Described as ‘a gastronomic exploration of altitude and Peru’s ecosystem’, Central comes fourth in the top 10 restaurants in the world. Chef, Virgilio Martinez aspires to combine colours, ingredients and stories of Peru in order to perfect each dish. They even bottle the water onsite.Central top 10 restaurants in the worldThe tasting menu begins 20 metres beneath sea level and stretches to 4,100 metres above. At the heart of Central is ‘Mater’, a concept that fuses cooking with the earth.

#5 – Mirazur

Menton, France

Perched on the French Riviera - just a stone’s throw from Italy - Mirazur serves exquisite Mediterranean food. Chef, Mauro Colagreco admits to owing this menu to his Argentinian-Italian heritage.mirazur top 10 restaurants in the worldSpread over three levels, a meal here is complimented by panoramic views of the sea and town of Menton. Colagreco’s signature dish is oyster with tapioca, shallot cream and pear – sounds like a good enough reason to drop in.

#6 – Mugaritz

San Sebastian, Spain

Mugaritz’ chef, Andoni Luis Aduriz produces the most memorable dishes. With a real sense of fun, you’ll leave this Michelin starred restaurant truly entertained and inspired.mugaritz top 10 restaurants in the worldThe meal consists of 20 imaginative courses, serves in novel and surprising ways. From cheese presented in a book, to chocolate stacked in oak boxes, customers are never bored.

#7 – Narisawa

Tokyo, Japan

Yoshirhiro Narisawa has developed a unique style of cuisine, titled Innovative Satoyama. The menu focuses on living hand to hand with nature, utilising the forest and ocean surrounding Japanese cities.narisawa top 10 restaurants in the worldDubbed ‘a journey in Japanese seasonality and culture’, this sustainable hotspot mustn’t be missed.

#8 – Steirereck

Vienna, Austria

Don’t be misled by its family-run, traditional stigma - this restaurant is truly cutting-edge. Chef Heinz Reitbauer has created a unique and fascinating menu.Steirereck top 10 restaurants in the worldReitbauer’s signature dish is the freshwater mountain fish. It is cooked at your table in hot beeswax before being served with yellow carrot, pollen and sour cream.

#9 – Asador Etxebarri

Axpe, Spain

Chef Victor Arguinzoniz was born just moments away from the restaurant. Customers experience true serenity, where only church chimes and animal bleats can be heard.

Famed for his obsession with the barbecue, Arguinzoniz is rarely sighted out of the kitchen. He is a self-taught chef, and his favourite dish is the grilled eel.Asador Etxebarri top 10 restaurants in the worldFor those of you not brave enough to order the eel, the tasting menu is packed full of ingredients sourced from Arguinzoniz’s own backyard.

#10 – D.O.M

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Chef Alex Atala lived life as a punk DJ until setting up D.O.M in 1999. The contemporary fusion of Brazilian and Amazonian ingredients has placed this restaurant tenth of the top 10 restaurants in the world.High ceiling and smooth service allow the dishes to take the glory. Critics brand the palm heart fettucine with mushrooms the stand-out recipe.