There are three main Styles of leadership – Autocratic, Laissez-Faire and Democratic. They all work well in different ways. Take this quick quiz to find out what Theory of Leadership you follow.

Which of these words best describes you?

  1. a. Decisive
  2. b. Trusting
  3. c. Empathetic

When making decisions do you:

  1. a. Make all important decisions yourself
  2. b. Allow employees to make the decisions
  3. c. Get input from staff but you make the final decision

When it comes to staff performance do you:

  1. a. Observe and monitor staff to make sure everyone is adhering to standards
  2. b. If they are getting results you don’t interfere
  3. c. You check in on them every now and then to see if there any issues

If there was a complaint against another employee do you:

  1. a. Immediately call the person in and you take control of the situation
  2. b. Let the employees work it out for themselves
  3. c. You have already noticed this persons behaviour and have already followed this up

Work related tasks should be:

  1. a. Clearly listed and instructions given
  2. b. Allow employees to manage their own workload
  3. c. Let things happen in their own time but you give your input

You put people in roles where they can:

  1. a. Focus on their tasks – away from distractions
  2. b. Play to their strengths
  3. c. Grow and progress in their careers

If there was a problem do you:

  1. a. Figure it out alone
  2. b. Delegate the issue to the relevant person
  3. c. Get input from others to find the best solution


Now to work out the results, what is your Theory of Leadership?


If your answers were mostly A’s:

Your leadership style is Autocratic. You are very ‘old school’ in your theory of leadership. Being the one in charge is how you thrive in the workplace. You enjoy having clearly defined roles and an obvious employee hierarchy. You decide all of the important decisions and you enjoy being the heart of the company.


If your answers were mostly B’s:

Your leadership style is the Laissez-Faire approach. You like to put the power firmly in the hands of the people in your company. You feel that as they do their job every day - they know how to do it better than you do. Employees should have the choice to manage their own time and have the freedom make their own decisions.


If your answers were mostly C’s:

Your leadership style is Democratic. You are the overall leader, the one who has the final say. However, you appreciate the input from your colleagues and co-workers. You make the important decisions but always consult the people your actions will affect. You see yourself as more of a guider than a leader, and are always open to new suggestions and good ideas.