Popular culture depicts team building exercises as insufferable, and let’s be honest, lame. However, these bosses and influencers break the mould with activities that are current, relevant, and legitimately fun. How does your workplace compare?

When most of us hear “team building exercises”, the urge to roll our eyes is powerful.

Whether it’s collapsing into a trust fall, or holding hands and confiding in one another, team building activities have a reputation for being fundamentally cringe-worthy.

If you’re an introvert, or naturally shy, they can even be downright humiliating.

Thus, the premise of forcing co-workers to bond can be a time-wasting, and stress inducing endeavour if done ineffectively.

However, there are some leaders out there who approach the concept of employee bonding with a little thing called dignity.

Team building that keeps your self-respect…for the most part

The intuitive manager knows how to pick a group activity that will work across a variety of personalities.

As such, they pursue ideas that foster creativity, communication, and trust, all within an environment that doesn’t sacrifice professionalism.

Furthermore, effective leaders know that motivating employees is key to establishing a competitive edge in their business strategies.

According to research, keeping employees inspired has tangible and long-lasting benefits:

“Motivation is important in business because it impacts mental and physical human reactions. Highly-motivated individuals and staff have a willingness to get the job done efficiently and effectively, resulting in higher productivity, increased revenue, cost savings and satisfied employees and business owners.

“Employees and staff with low motivation tend to work slower, without regard for productivity or efficiency, and end up costing the business money. Low motivation can be caused by a lack of direction or purpose, and can sometimes be reversed by the introduction of goals.”

Therefore, activities that foster a common goal can lead to higher productivity, and a positive work environment.

See how your company compares and explore the below team building exercises by these famous bosses.

Team building - Compelo

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