The Steve Jobs leadership style is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for many. It’s also pretty bizarre and quirky! Here’s how the tech maverick put a ding in the universe.

Co-founder and CEO of Apple, Jobs continues to receive posthumous acclaim for his revolutionary and disruptive influences. His vision became the standard in electronic devices, and there are very few leaders that can match his zeal and passion.

However, what about him propelled his company to the cosmic heights it experiences today? What makes his leadership style so unique?

Biographers and pundits oftentimes refer to his level of involvement within his business. He had a reputation for communicating on all levels of the supply chain, both infuriating and motivating employees in the process.

Yet, there’s far more to the story.

The Steve Jobs leadership style: often imitated, never duplicated

Inspirational figures incite ambition in others because they symbolise the possibility of living a dream.

For tech innovators preparing to redefine our social fabric with their own inventions, Jobs understandably cuts an appealing figure to emulate.

However, Jobs’ journey to becoming a visionary leader was something he had to cultivate over time.

As such, most sources mulling over leadership traits have come to the consensus that guiding people is a learned behaviour. It requires practice, and most importantly, patience.

Patience is a virtue that tempered Jobs’ reputation of being a demanding boss. He was not born with this trait. Rather, he had to develop it.

For those looking to the tech icon as a template to success, the important lesson is that leaders are made, and not born.

Furthermore, Jobs wielded honesty with brutal, yet sincere efficiency.

Anecdotes of his untempered truthfulness relay how his insight was both cutting, yet insightful. Friends and familiar figures took his advice at face value without taking it personally.

Thus, the contemporary legend also remained true to a characteristic within himself.

In that regard, authenticity is a quality that human beings are experts at sensing. Leaders that are honest with both themselves and staff are able to guide through example. Credibility is key.

Steve Jobs practiced a leadership style of communication, constant learning, and honesty. However, these are not mysterious qualities that a mere few can access.

Rather, they are core values that when combined with the right degree of passion and integrity, can let any entrepreneur dent the universe a little more.

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