As a culture we still don’t fully understand how sleep deprivation effects our lives. Read on to learn the value of some good shut eye, and how catching some Z’s can positively influence everything you do. 

Going to bed early is a luxury that we can ill afford as we get older.

The more we mature, the more stuff we have to deal with.

Gone are the days of childhood when a nap was a standard part of the day. Having over eight glorious hours of sleep every night was also standard. Yet, we unknowingly took it for granted.

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In fact, many of us probably fought against naps and early bed times like the plague. We had worlds to create, and shenanigans to pursue.

However, we encountered our biggest foe after the hey day of being kids: Reality.

From there, things became a whole lot more interesting, but we gave up sleep to learn.

Pretty soon, we valued everything else over a well-deserved rest. Little did we know how our minds and bodies suffered as a result.

Sleep deprivation effects your heart, health, and head

Sleep makes sure that our brains, the command centre for our bodies, run properly.

Without it, we can’t make decisions, learn, handle tools, and stay alert.

Furthermore, limited sleep saps at our creativity, and plays havoc with our emotions.

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Thus, it’s vital to our productivity, health, and overall happiness.

At work, its role is just as vital as in other areas of our lives.

Our ability to carry out tasks such as problem solving, reasoning, and organisation depends on sleep. However, areas of the brain that control those functions, core values of leadership, are the first to lag from small amounts of sleep.

Thus, we risk our professional skills in not sleeping, or not sleeping well. While other areas of the brain may function passably after a short amount of shut eye, our higher order skills are the first factors to suffer from lack of snoozes.

Thankfully, the cure is simple.

Go to bed early.

Other than that, you can avoid electronics and the TV before hitting the hay. Coffee lovers can plan to have their last cup over 6 hours before diving under the covers, to stop the caffeine from playing havoc with their sleep cycle.

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