Samsung mergers and acquisitions. We all want to know what the firm is investing in. As one of the largest technology companies in the world, Samsung looking for opportunities to spend money on. But which ones?

With tough competition from competitors, Samsung company execs are looking to build the firm’s software and services to keep up with demand for innovation from their customers.

Samsung mergers and acquisitions - What do they want to buy?

Peter Koo, Samsung’s Senior Vice President for the mobile division said: “We are going to be bullish on finding companies that fit our strategy.” Koo explained that Samsung aims to make products which are more attractive to consumers, and they are looking for M&As to help with this task.

Samsung mergers and acquisitions - Compelo

Samsung has already bought firms such as Viv Labs and LoopPay, both deals which boosted Samsung’s efforts for both AI and mobile payments services. Then the tech firm also spend $8 billion on acquiring Harman International Industries earlier their year, which was it’s bigger ever deal. Why? Samsung is looking to get a firm foot into the automotive components industry. The company is now looking to spend money of buying and investing in new businesses.

As competition from Apple and Huawei Technologies becomes fiercer and fiercer, is this the right move for the company? Or should they be stockpiling cash reserves instead of spending them?

Apple has huge cash holdings and financial analysts are often discussing whether they should buy another big company with these reserves. For example, Citi’s Jim Suva has floated companies such as Disney, Netflix, Electronic Arts, and Tesla. Yet Apple analyst Horace Dediu said: “Even if they did buy something big, it will fail, I’ll guarantee that right now.”

Only last week, Apple bought two small companies with less than 50 employees - not big acquisitions. Apple bough Beddit, a sleep gadget maker, and Lattice Data, a data labeling tech firm. However Apple didn’t buy these for their revenue. The company bought these to use their employees and tech to improve upon Apple’s own products.

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