Many are critical of the Royal Family, who cost UK taxpayers millions of pounds each year, but just how high is the Royal Family net worth?

The Royal Family divides opinions. 76% of Brits believe that the monarchy is good for Britain. To many, the Queen’s importance is largely symbolic. She is the United Kingdom. Yet, she also helps to keep the government in line and maintain international relations, among her many other duties.

Yet, many feel that the royals are a waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee cost £3 billion, while her 90th birthday celebrations surpassed £1 billion in costs. With the cost of living rising and the NHS struggling, it is understandably that there is some hostility towards the Royal Family.


What is the Royal Family net worth?

As things stand, the British monarchy is richer than ever. This is largely due to their large portfolio of land and properties. Combined, the Duchy of Lancaster and Duchy of Cornwall (two private estates owned by the Royal Family) are worth more than £1 billion.

However, the Crown Estate, which includes Windsor Castle, as well as London’s Regent Street, is their biggest asset. In total, the Crown Estate is worth £12 billion.


In total, the British royal family’s countable assets are worth £22.8 billion. However, the Royal Family net worth would stand at over £45 billion if unvalued assets, such as The Royal Collection, were counted.

How does the Queen’s fortune compare?

While the Royal Family is worth billions, the Queen’s own worth is just $550 million. But how does that compare to the world’s wealthiest royals?

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3. King Salman – Saudi Arabia

Much of King Salman’s wealth came from his brother, King Abdullah, who passed away in 2015. However, Saudi Arabia’s thriving oil industry has also boosted his fortune. As a result, King Salman is thought to be worth $17 billion.

2. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah – Brunei

Since taking over as Brunei’s Head of State in 1967, Bolkiah has earned a large fortune, thought to total $20 billion. He has spend a large portion of his wealth on luxury assets. He has many fancy homes and a luxury car collection, estimated to be worth almost $1 billion.

1. King Vajiralongkorn – Thailand

Following his popular father’s passing in 2016, the former prince took over as the King of Thailand. Likewise, he also got much of his $30 billion fortune. Much of that figure comes from more than 15,000 acres of land, which brings in $80 million in rent each year.

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