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  • Rocket Lawyer
  • Founded in 2008
  • San Francisco, California
  • Available in all the 50 states


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  • Business formation
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About The Brand

Rocket Lawyer is a legal company designed to help small businesses have access to affordable legal documents and services. With more than 20 million clients served since its inception in 2008, Rocket lawyer must be processing a high volume of LLC formation and legal documents in a year. For that reason, it is one of the most trusted and fastest-growing companies in the legal services space.

If legal advice is the first priority in your LLC formation and incorporation list, this article is for you. Our Rocket Lawyer reviews have been crafted to help you decide whether this would be an ideal LLC service for your business needs. We have discussed its various unique and outstanding features in detail and suggested some of the top alternatives to this provider.  To find help, you have to read this review to the end. 

Rocket Lawyer’s Advantages

Valuable Features: Rocket lawyers come bundled with several valuable online legal and formation features. For instance, you are guaranteed all the necessary business formation features, ongoing legal support, and a 3 minutes legal consultation with an attorney once you subscribe to their membership package.  

Learning resources: they have a library of quick and easy-to-use legal forms such as operating agreements, and other useful resources designed for a guide. 

Free trials and satisfaction guarantee: They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that covers all fees paid to rocket and this allows you to use their services for free, for 30 days. If you want to give Rocket Lawyer the easiest way though, you can take advantage of their free trial service offered for 7 days. 

Great customer support: they have excellent customer service as evidenced by their online positive reviews backed with 5 stars customer ratings.  

Most experienced service: they have the most experienced in the entire industry, and thus, a trusted service. 

Rocket Lawyer

Best Overall Value

Rocket Lawyer

  • Excellent service
  • The online Lawyers were really helpful.
  • Easy to use

Rocket Lawyer is best for:

Rocket Lawyer is best for small businesses that want reliable and affordable ongoing legal support beyond just an LLC formation. They offer many legal services such as online legal advice and forms that are available on one time or membership basis. For more legal customer support, you can sign up for Rocket Lawyer service membership.  

Rocket Lawyer LLC Formation Packages

Rocket Lawyer monthly charges are much fair pricing to the cost of hiring an attorney. Even though they don’t offer multiple formation packages like their competitors, Rocket Lawyer offers two subscription methods. If you want to enjoy their basic legal help and LLC formation services, purchase their one-time formation package. 

Rocket Lawyer’s one-time package or non-membership package comes packed with the following legal and formation features:   

  • Preparation and filing of your article of organization
  • Name availability search
  • Online document storage
  • Had copies
  • Unlimited customer support via phone, email, and live chats
  • 100% satisfaction 

A membership subscription will offer some great services that are hard to find in any other provider. In addition to the features offered by the basic package, the membership package offers:

  • 7 days free trials
  • Legal documents with documents defense
  • 30 minutes attorney consultation on any legal matter
  • Discount on attorney services
  • 25% of Registered Agent Service and  future incorporation filing

Rocket Lawyer LLC Service Review

Is Rocket Lawyer right for you?

Since its establishment in 2008, Rocket lawyer has served more than 20 million businesses, and this is probably the highest in the industry. Besides, several clients review Rocket Lawyer positively, and back their Rocket Lawyer reviews with 5 stars ratings. For that reason, it is a legitimate service worth given a try. 


Rocket Lawyer has great customer support and connects clients with an on-call attorney to handle their legal queries.  In addition, Rocket Lawyer can help law firms control their expenses associated with finding new clients. This level of legal and formation services at a fair per month charge makes it a great value particularly to small business owners.

Customer Service

No doubt Rocket Lawyer offers great customer services judged by their 5 stars online ratings, experience, and an A BBB rating. Besides, Rocket Lawyer’s website is full of learning resources and guides making it the best for a new user. The entire first page is covered with topics ranging from technical support, membership, contracts, and starting a business. They also offer one of the most reliable channels for contacting the company customer support team and the lawyer. 

For a legal inquiry, contact the lawyer via phone number 1(877) 881-0947. For general questions or concerns, you can call on the number provided above or contact them via email on the site and live chats. The good news, Rocket Lawyer customer service team is always available and expecting your queries from Monday to Friday, 6 am to 6 pm PST. 

Ease of Use

Rocket Lawyer guarantees one of the most attractive and fastest user interfaces. Once you sign up for their services, you can work on your business formation documents and other legal forms within 5 minutes. They also provide guidance through every decision point for each form template and digital signature service. Their user-friendly interface is a key reason for their 5 stars ratings among clients. 

By browsing into their site, you have accepted their Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Sitemap | © 2021 Crunchbase Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

Included Features

Rocket Lawyer has a long list of quality features included in both membership and non-membership packages.  In addition to the general features that you may find in any provider, Rocket Lawyer offers some unique features that you may not find anywhere else. These include:

Intuitive Form Builder: the form builder is used in creating custom legal document contracts. It involves answering a series of questions or concerns about your business and a series of pop-ups emerge explaining the laws in your state in the process. 

Document Defense: this works in sync with the form builder. The document is used in a situation where you create a custom contract and the other party doesn’t comply or dispute its validity. A Rocket Lawyer and an attorney will pile up a demand on your behalf to be issued to the other party persuading them to comply. 

Trials and money-back guarantee: You can take the advantage of the free trial offered for 7 days with no obligation to test the services of Rocket Lawyer. Besides, their satisfaction guarantee also allows you to use their services for free for  30 days. 

The best part, Rocket Lawyer includes all the necessary business formation features just like the top services. These include:

  • Preparation and filing of your article of organization
  • Business name availability search
  • Online document storage
  • Hardcopies
  • Other key features include: 
  • Phone and email services
  • Registered agent services
  • High-quality legal services


Rocket Lawyer is principally geared towards business owners who need ongoing legal services.  Given the oversupply of Rocket Lawyer’s legal documents and customer service features, it is not easy to go wrong with the provider on legal matters. 

However, it is not the best choice when it comes to LLC formation due to their pricing. If you want a balance between legal help and business formation, you can choose our top alternatives below. 

Top Alternatives to Rocket Lawyer

Product 1: LegalZoom

Since its inception in 2001, Legalzoom has been the first in the list of those who are seeking to find top business formation services and legal help at the same time. They are the most popular in the industry courtesy of their ability to connect you with a lawyer for ongoing legal consultations, yet still offer one of the best business formation features. 

Product 2:  BetterLegal

Founded in 2016, the Texas-based LLC formation has been the first priority to many users who fancy a friendly interface. As the developers frame it as “everything you need, nothing you don’t”, the company ensures there are no upsells on their website in order to make their site easy to navigate. That plus their affordability makes them a better LLC  formation alternative to the  Rocket Lawyer.



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  • An online legal service that is one of the oldest and most well-known
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee for 60 days after purchase.
  • Business legal plan that is affordable and provides access to an attorney on a regular basis


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  • Turnaround Time was great!
  • Inexpensive A registered agent is available to assist you.
  • Customer reviews are excellent.
  • En outre, the user interface is very intuitive and painless.

Rocket Lawyer’s Disadvantages

  • Generally, their services are charged expensively.  Rocket Lawyer’s high pricing is because the company is principally designed to help those who need ongoing legal services.
  • Rocket Lawyer does not offer a one-year Registered Agent service for free like most of its competitors. 


Even though Rocket Lawyer pricing is not among the cheapest you will find out there, They justify their pricing by offering high-quality legal services beyond just an LLC formation. Besides, Rocket Lawyer offers a lot of learning resources, guidance, and reliable communication channels on their website making it a great deal to small business owners who have no experience forming contracts.

However, we would recommend this provider to a small business owner who is interested in legal help only. For the purpose of business formation, we have provided the best alternatives in this review. If that is you, take advantage of the Rocket Lawyer’s 7 days free trial and 30 days money-back guarantee to test their services. Please, let us know if you have any queries in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rocket Lawyer any good?

Rocket Lawyer is a legal service provider that allows access to a variety of legal help and connects customers with a lawyer. Therefore, for the purposes of legal help, it is hard to go wrong with Rocket Lawyer and this is evident by the level of experience and customer ratings.

Are Rocket Lawyer documents legal?

The simple answer is yes. Once you complete a documented interview, Rocket Lawyer’s attorney will create legal documents that are geared toward your state of the situation and offer you reliable legal help.

How Much Does Rocket Lawyer cost for a will?

For the non-members, filing a will with Rocket Lawyer will set you another $39.9 on top of the $39.99 per month `charges. However, members have this service included in their $39.99 per month fees.

Is Rocket Lawyer Right for Your Small Business?

Rocket Lawyer offers legal services and connects you with a lawyer. Besides, their website is full of learning resources on the topics such as starting a business, technical support, and contracts. These features make it appropriate to small business owners particularly those with no experience dealing with LLC online formation.

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