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Dantex - Photopolymer Plate Technology

Dantex is Europe's largest distributor of letterpress and flexo plates. We are a specialist supplier of water-wash photopolymer plates and processing equipment, and have been serving the needs of the packaging industry for nearly 50 years.
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Dantex - About

Dantex is Europe's largest distributor of letterpress and flexo plates. We are a specialist supplier of water-wash photopolymer plates and processing equipment, and have been serving the needs of the packaging industry for nearly 50 years.

Dantex PicoColour UV Digital Label Press

PicoColour® UV inkjet digital press (CMYK+W) is a versatile, small footprint label printing system offering superb printed results at a competitive price. It offers a printing width of 210mm and runs up to 35m per minute on substrate thicknesses of 30 microns to 320 microns. It is a high quality, highly productive printing system; job setup requires minimal time, giving ultra-fast turnaround. PicoColour is built to last and simple to operate and maintain. It is designed and manufactured by Dantex in the UK, with an emphasis on operational precision and long-term use.

Flexographic Photopolymer Plates

We offer environmentally friendly, solvent-free solutions for a variety of flexographic applications. Our water-wash photopolymer plates give consistent results, finer resolution, deep reverses and excellent ink transfer. Our plates are quick and clean to produce and are compatible with water, UV and solvent-based inks. They are available in digital and analogue formats.

Our flexographic photopolymer plates include:

  • Rapidoflex: our latest UV flexo plate innovation, Rapidoflex is solvent-free and press-ready in under 20min; it is the fastest flexo plate on the market
  • Aquaflex Optima: developed for use with flexographic ink formulations, including UV, alcohol/ester and other co-solvents, the Aquaflex Optima LAM plate enables high-quality, cost-effective processing
  • Aquaflex Varnica: designed for all varnish and coating applications, these plates can be processed and press-ready in just 15 minutes when used in combination with the Dantex dry film system

Letterpress Printing Plates

Dantex analogue letterpress printing plates and Dantex digital letterpress printing plates can be used for all letterpress, semi-rotary and dry offset applications. Available plate types include:

  • Torelief Analogue plates can be made by exposing the image using matt negative film
  • Torelief Precision plates are imaged using LAM technology CTP systems – Dantex recommends EskoArtwork systems
  • Torelief and Torelief Precision plates can be easily processed using Dantex Aquaflex water-wash plate making equipment
  • Torelief and Torelief Precision ultra-high resolution plate materials give a sharp and accurate printed result, and produce a very fine screen ruling with trouble-free performance on press.

Water Wash Plate Processing Equipment

Dantex is a specialist manufacturer of water-wash plate processing equipment. Our Aquaflex range is designed for use with Torelief and Aquaflex plates and uses only water-wash technology and waste water filtration. Dedicated photopolymer plate exposure and fully automated inline plate processing systems are available, as well as combination units.

Our Aquaflex water-wash plate processing equipment ensures that our plates provide the fastest wash times in the world, superior ink transfer, long life on press and excellent quality results. Models include:

  • Fully-automated inline units
  • Combination processors
  • Exposure units
  • Detach cabinets
  • Plate finishing systems
  • Plate cleaning systems
  • Light tables
  • Filtration systems

Digital Pre-press Systems

Esko digital flexo and letterpress plate imaging systems (Spark CTP) with fully integrated Esko workflow can make your production faster and more effective. We offer:

Esko – Flexo CTP
Esko software: software for the design, production, communication and management phases of the complete packaging and printing supply chain.
Proofing: our proofing solutions range from soft proofing technology to screened contract proofs that employ the latest inkjet technology.
Quality control tools: Our solutions allow you to maintain a consistent level of quality and performance, and identify plate and print issues before they affect production.
Wide format inkjet: Epson Stylus inkjet wide format printers are perfect for proofing and inkjet film production; we supply a range of sizes to suit the label and packaging markets.
Anilox rolls, plate mounting tapes and quality control tools.

We can supply a range of pressroom products to support your plate production, including:

Dantex manufactures a range of sleeves:

  • Printing, Cover, Anilox, Basic, Adapters, conductive and non-conductive, sleeve refurbishment.
  • Anilox rolls and associated inspection and cleaning services
  • Plate mounting tapes for all letterpress and flexographic plate mounting applications
  • Quality control tools for flexo printers, label printers and trade houses, to optimise your pre-press quality control


Head Office
Danon House, 5 Kings Road
Bradford, West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1274 777 777

Water Wash Photopolymer Plates and Processing Equipment

We supply Torelief (Letterpress), Rapidoflex (UV Flexo) and Aquaflex Optima and Aqua (Flexo) water wash plates as well as Dantex AQF processing equipment.

Digital Plate Imaging, Workflows & Proofing

Digital Flexo/Letterpress imaging & workflows in association with EskoArtwork, proofing and QC solutions, pre-press & pressroom sundries.

Quick Contact Dantex

Quick Contact Dantex

Role Changes at Dantex

We are pleased to announce that Andy Abbott has now been appointed Director of Operations at Dantex. Andy officially transitioned...
13th December 2018

New digital appointments at Dantex

Prepress equipment, label press manufacturer and consumables supplier, Dantex, has recently appointed two new digital service engineers.
31st October 2018

Dantex supports sales with new appointment

Leading manufacturer of label processing equipment, Dantex, has bolstered its sales team with the appointment of Lee Deyes as technical...
11th October 2018

Dantex Group to showcase UV digital Pico range at Labelexpo Americas 2018

Following Dantex's success in the UV digital label press market, they look forward to promoting their digital capability further at...
17th August 2018

Dantex Inkjet Open House Event

Dantex is delighted to announce they are hosting an Open House in July on the 17th and 18th, in conjunction...
16th July 2018

Dantex sells digital press to label start-up at Labelexpo

Newly formed label company, Sudbury-based WM Labels, has invested in a PicoColour® UV inkjet digital press from the Dantex Group....
13th December 2017

CV Labels invests in Dantex flexographic plate cleaner

Leading pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare label manufacturer, CV labels, has recently invested in a Dantex flexographic plate cleaning system to...
21st November 2017

The Label Makers increase workflow efficiency with Dantex digital imaging solution

Leading label manufacturer, The Label Makers, have recently invested in a inkjet imaging film solution from the Dantex Group, replacing...
22nd September 2017

Dantex Group to launch new PicoJet Digital UV Inkjet Press, using Ricoh heads, at Label Expo Europe 2017

Following the success of their PicoColour UV Digital Label Press, Dantex will present its latest innovation, PicoJet Digital UV Inkjet...
7th September 2017

Dantex provide perfect varnish application solution for Glossop Cartons

Leading manufacturer of carton board packaging products, Glossop Cartons, has recently invested in an Aquaflex Varnica plate making system. The...
22nd May 2017

Xpress Labels Invest in a Dantex PicoColour Digital Press

Self-adhesive label manufacturer, Xpress Labels, have placed an order for a PicoColour UV Inkjet Digital Label Press, manufactured and supplied...
15th November 2016

Labelexpo Europe 2015

Dantex are once again exhibiting at this year’s Labelexpo Europe, Brussels 29 Sept - 2 Oct - the world’s largest...
10th September 2015

Dantex welcomes: New Technical Sales Representatives

Dantex is pleased to announce the appointment of two new technical sales Representatives, Martin Hill and Ross Holloway.
9th February 2015

Dantex Hosts Truepress Open House Event

Dantex is to hold an open day to showcase the Truepress Jet L350UV digital label press, and would like to...
28th August 2014

DantexRBCor to Exhibit at Label Expo on Stand 535

DantexRBCor is a subsidiary of Dantex, a market leader in the field of digital and analogue letterpress, flexo and UV...
14th July 2014

Screen Truepress Wins EDP Award

The European Digital Press Association (EDP) has voted the Screen Truepress Jet L350UV digital label press ‘Best Label Printing Solution’...
19th June 2014

L350UV Demo Facility Now Open

See Truepress Jet L350UV Label Press at Dantex UK
7th May 2014

Andrew Abbott Appointed General Manager of Dantex UK

Dantex is pleased to announce that Andrew Abbott has been promoted to the position of general manager of Dantex Graphics...
17th February 2014

Dantex Expands in the USA

Dantex Corp USA is escalating its presence in North America through the acquisition of RBCOR's business. RBCOR, located in San...
5th September 2012
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