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Hapa - Late Stage Customisation and On Demand Printing Technologies

Late Stage Customisation and On Demand Printing Technologies

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UV Flexo Printing Solutions

The economical Hapa 200 UV Flexo Printing series is designed for printing medium to large volumes of pharmaceutical packaging substrates and pack forms including blister lidding materials, IV bags, labels, leaflets and cartons. High quality graphics and text in any color and verifiable bar codes are guaranteed, even at small point sizes.

The simple flexographic technology uses laser-engraved rubber or photopolymer print mats, which have a nearly unlimited lifespan. The print mats are secured to the single printing cylinder using a quick fix, quick release pin location system, which ensures that the print mat remains in the correct position. Because one print mat can be used securely time and again, the margin for error from batch to batch is eliminated. The 200 series uses a rotary printing technology that is format-free, saving time and reducing operational costs.

The operator and environment friendly UV inks used by the systems are solvent, odor and particulate-free. Up to six printing units can be cascaded to allow for multicolor printing. Precise matching with any colour in the PMS spectrum is assured and inks are cured instantly on application via exposure to the UV drying unit contained within each printing unit. The inking device is monitored by an ultrasonic sensor. When a colour change is required, a straightforward exchange of the inking unit takes a matter of seconds. The combination of the simple pin location system and inking unit contribute to reducing downtime.

The Hapa UV Flexo series operates with a graphical user interface, requiring no printing experience. Highly reliable, precision stepper motors control all settings and actions in the machine, ensuring precise movement and print registration.

With a compact design, the machines can be easily integrated with virtually any host packaging machine inline or offline. Roll-to-roll, top or stand-mounted, and integrated versions are available.

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