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Hapa - Late Stage Customisation and On Demand Printing Technologies

Late Stage Customisation and On Demand Printing Technologies

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UV DOD Printing Solutions

Digitally print or overprint blisters, labels, cartons, leaflets and web materials as part of your packaging operations. And benefit from greater packaging line flexibility and productivity as well as improved overall equipment effectiveness.

DOD technology is fully digital and non-contact so that each impression is delivered uniquely. As there is no hardware master to provide incontrovertible evidence that what actually has been printed is indeed what was expected, a zero-defect level can be achieved only by controlling the entire computer to print process. Only the act of validation provides documentary evidence that the controls are in place and in operation at all times. Therefore, the machine design, build, operation and installation must be qualified and monitored in order to ensure quality and compliance with each and every impression. Hapa’s DOD system has been designed to incorporate the following safeguards:

  • The artwork file generated by the system software is not editable. The approved design cannot therefore be altered in the production process
  • All sensors operate on a “broken wire” safety concept so that failures are flagged immediately
  • Two sensors check ink levels to ensure pharmaceutical safety (no loss of print) and machine operational safety (no ink overflow)
  • Inspection systems are integrated at the infeed and outfeed to ensure that the correct information has been applied to the correct product. Unverified products are automatically ejected from the line
  • An integrated vision-system ensures printing is correct and complete

BrailleJet by Hapa

The Hapa 800 BrailleJet is a full-digital UV inkjet system printing Braille dots onto pre-printed flat or erected cartons. A solvent-free drop on demand technology, the BrailleJet uses a UV-curing high-viscosity ink, which makes it ideally suited for use within a pharmaceutical environment. Two lines are printed simultaneously per head, and it is possible to add additional heads to increase print width. Quickly printed and dried, the raised dots do not compromise existing printed text or graphics, as no embossing is involved, and offer optimum readability, while increasing line flexibility and line uptimes.

Boost production flexibility and machine running time by printing to order the exact number of cartons required. An easy to use, GMP compliant in-house printer, the BrailleJet offers an optimal, cost-saving solution for the pharma and healthcare industries.

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