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Hapa - Late Stage Customisation and On Demand Printing Technologies

Late Stage Customisation and On Demand Printing Technologies

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UV Digital Printing Solutions

The efficient Hapa 700 UV Digital Printing series is designed for printing medium to small volumes of pharmaceutical packaging substrates including blister lidding materials, labels and leaflets. Using a process similar to screen printing, high quality graphics and text in any colour and verifiable bar codes are guaranteed, even at small point sizes.

The semi-digital machine generates a unique master from electronic artwork for each batch. Data is transferred from a desktop computer or via a network to the machine in a highly controlled process to create the non-erasable master screen within seconds. The master is then loaded automatically onto the printing cylinder, and the machine is ready for operation. When the run is completed and a new print job is needed, the used master is removed. The changeover process is fully automatic and takes only a minute.

The Hapa UV Digital series uses operator and environment friendly UV inks. Solvent, odour and particulate-free, the inks are easy and safe to handle. Precise matching with any color in the PMS spectrum is assured. An integrated UV drying unit ensures that inks are cured instantly upon application. An integrated ultrasonic sensor indicates when the ink reservoir needs topping up. When a colour change is required, a simple exchange of the print drum takes a matter of seconds.

The simple-to-use Hapa UV Digital series operates with a graphical user interface and is as straightforward to run as any office printer. No printing experience is required to operate a Hapa UV Digital machine.

The flexibility of the Hapa UV Digital technology ensures constant unit cost, irrespective of batch size. With a semi-digital process, customers running medium to small batches–where more frequent changeovers and unit dose coding are required–make real gains in production time. Gains in production time mean financial gains.

Customers seeking to increase OEE for micro-batch runs will be interested in Hapa’s fully-digital drop on demand printing series.

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