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As a fully automated premedia job-processing system, TWIST is designed to streamline the creation of a wide variety of file types and to automate your internal production workflow processes.

With its association with noted industry organizations such as GWG and Fogra, and strategic partnerships with companies such as Adobe Systems Inc. and GMG GmbH, DALIM SOFTWARE ensures that the quality of files produced exceeds industry standards.


While a GWG-compliant preflight engine flags file components that might be detrimental to final output and reports those errors and warnings in a very comprehensible, multi-lingual report, it will also determine whether a file might need normalizing prior to further processing.

But TWIST’s quality control measures don’t stop there. Since a document might receive a complete overhaul between the initial preflight and final delivery, the optional Adobe® PDF Print Engine can automatically double-check issues of ‘flattening’ or unintentional modifications to the content. This avoids costly and time-consuming reruns, utilizing the same rendering technology that most proofing and output devices rely on, ensuring true WYSIWYG.

As soon as you start thinking about Web2Print and other self-service client portals, you need more from your workflow engine. While TWIST assures that content is processed to the highest quality standards, the level of integration and automation also become increasingly important. In TWIST, use of file-naming conventions is only one approach to dynamically drive workflows and reduce operator interaction.

Combined with a bi-directional connection to any SQL database — or XML data created and fed by a custom-built, customer-facing web interface or MIS system — TWIST starts to work on its own, taking relevant job information and setting graphic parameters specifically for that incoming document, on the fly.

With TWIST, there are many parameters that can automatically trigger predefined actions. Embedded XMP job tickets can describe the exact specifications for output format, color specifications or the way the final file submission should be set up. Or, for example, the number of colors that exist in a file can dictate the way content is trapped. Even the type of input file can influence the way it is processed. While a regular PDF 1.5 might need some normalization and/or flattening, PDF/X4 files could be left untouched.

Combining its complete tool set, the wide variety of supported file formats, and the vast possibilities that arise from integrating 3rd party applications and scripts, TWIST is the most feature-rich and future-proof digital production workflow available.

Although application needs vary, here are a few examples how TWIST can automate your daily work:

Creative Professionals can automate creation and distribution of print-ready files, and inject metadata into PDF files.

Marketing & Media Service providers can coordinate the creation of on-demand files and deliver them via email, ftp or web upload – driven by a custom, self-service portal.

Brands, Retailers & Corporate create, manage and share product related messages and visuals with the actors of the marketing supply chain.

Labels & Packaging converters and printers can manage and remap separations for different colors or layers, control the amount of total ink coverage, and dynamically include job information along with artwork.

Printers can automate the use of a second black plate -typically used for different languages, verify and correct trim boxes prior to imposition, and integrate GMG or Alwan ink saving technologies.

The Linux and OS X versions of TWIST all offer stable system architectures, with plenty of room for scalability, if needed. With TWIST’s concept of hardworkers – describing how many cores of the host computer will be used to their full extend — and built-in load balancing technology, increasing the potential processing power is just a matter of adding one or more CPUs to your setup, locally or anywhere within the network.

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