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Textile Paste Dispensers

Our automatic dispensers for textile printers enable greater efficiency through on-demand paste production. Please read on for further details of our range.


The IPS delta (pictured) is designed for fully automated and computerised dispensing of liquid dyestuffs. From a standard specification, which gives access to precise automatic dispensing (‘execution B’), the IPS delta offers a host of extra functionalities, so you can upgrade the system as your business requires. The system accommodates any number of supplier barrels, or 150l fixed tanks up, to a maximum of 32.

For recipes of four components, IPS delta systems have a typical performance of 15 buckets per hour with a 0.1 g (0.0002 lb) absolute dispensing accuracy. With an extra (cascade) dispense head, you can double dispense output to 30 buckets per hour. Execution E includes an automatic mixer, while a second mixer enables mixing capacity to be doubled.

Built on GSE’s proven dispensing technology, IPS delta gives you ultimate reliability, speed and accuracy in a compact design. The system is powered by TMS textile management software.

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