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Standard and Custom-Made Bottles

All In Packaging offers a wide range of bottles and customers can select from our standard selection or order custom-made bottles.Our standard range includes a wide variety of bottles from various suppliers. We also have our own plastic bottle manufacturing plant to make sure that we can deliver what you need.


Our standard range includes many stock items which can be delivered instantly. All bottles can be ordered in other sizes or colours.
Stock items can be ordered in any quantities. Minimum order quantities may apply to those bottles that are not on stock. Contact us for more information about delivery terms!

Below you can find some examples of our standard range. To check out the whole range, go to the bottles section of All In Packaging’s website.

The bottles in the standard range are available with many neck sizes:

  • Bottles with 14/410 neck size
  • Bottles with 16/410 neck size
  • Bottles with 18/410 neck size
  • Bottles with 20/410 neck size
  • Bottles with 22/415 neck size
  • Bottles with 24/410 neck size
  • Bottles with 28/410 neck size
  • Bottles with 30 neck size
  • Bottles with 34 neck size
  • Bottles with 38 neck size
  • Bottles with 40 neck size
  • Bottles with 43 neck size
  • Bottles with 48 neck size
  • Other neck sizes…

Bottles in various sizes:

  • 0-99 ml bottles
  • 100 ml – 249 ml bottles
  • 250 ml – 749 ml bottles
  • 750 ml – 999 ml bottles
  • 1000 ml – 1999 ml bottles
  • 2000 ml – 4999 ml bottles

Bottles made of various materials:

  • HDPE bottles
  • PE bottles
  • PET bottles
  • PETG bottles
  • PVC bottles
  • PP bottles
  • Other materials

Don’t forget, that the above is just a selection of the All In Packaging bottle portfolio. Contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for.

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