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Embossed lids never looked so brilliant

This by Berhalter patented system is unique and offers fantastic opportunities for rim-embossing, logo-embossing and de- embossing of pre-cut lids. The SMARTembosser ™ makes every lid special and gives additional technical advantages.

With the application rim-embossing (embossing is done only in the sealing rim area) the lid is shining brighter and greatly enhances the clarity of color edges. It allows the printing of considerably smaller, yet readable lettering, which is important for product placement as well as for the food facts required under food regulations. Last but not least the SMARTembosser™ for rim embossed lids can influence the productivity of filling and sealing machines enormous.

The application logo-embossing and de-embossing gives our customers the opportunity to produce non-printed pre-cut lids with high-lighting a brand logo, sign or writing.

Using the patented Berhalter SMARTembosser ™ technology, lids can be printed with intense color as well as more space for graphics and product information can be achieved – pre-cut lids never looked so brilliant.

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