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With different neck finish designs (screw neck or crimp neck), with European or American blowback or without blowback, SCHOTT offers a broad range of glass vials from 1ml to 100ml.


They are available in clear or amber SCHOTT Fiolax® glass. This is a pharmaceutical borosilicate Type I glass with best properties in terms of stability of medicines and chemical (e.g. hydrolytic) resistance. The glass vials from SCHOTT can be sterilized, they show very good temperature resistance and they are absolutely impervious to gas.

The vials are offered in the quality options StandardLine and TopLine – all according to European Pharmacopoeia, Japanese Pharmacopoeia and US Pharmacopoeia – and subjected by an Automated Inspection System.

SCHOTT recommends inside-coated vials for liquid drugs (SCHOTT Type I plus®, SCHOTT Top Yield™) for very sensitive pharmaceutical products or for lyophilization (SCHOTT TopLyo®).

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