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ScanTVS™ Print Inspection

ScanTVS™ is the latest scanner-based inspection system for complete inspection of proofs, labels, inserts, cartons and nested press sheets.


  • Quickly compare all text and graphics of any print job
  • Avoid time consuming reprints and reworks
  • Fast and easy one click inspection
  • Easy to use interface


Quick detection of:

  • Broken text
  • Missing or added elements
  • Print defects


KEY Features:

  • Dual scan mode: scan in master & sample simultaneously
  • Optional booklet scanner module: Easily scan in booklets and other multi-page documents
  • Intelligent cropping
  • Overprint & layer handling
  • Automatic alignment & rotation
  • Auto-skew master & sample images
  • Color measurement tool: ability to display RGB and CMYK color values
  • Large file handling
  • Reporting & commenting
  • Optional BarProof™ and BrailleProof™ modules to inspect barcodes & Braille
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