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As the global marketplace becomes smaller and workers dispersed over vast geographical regions, the need for greater internal quality control to ensure brand integrity has become paramount. So what do you do when marketing is in Montreal, production in Taipei, printing in San Jose, and quality control in Toronto?

Revolutionizing Quality Control for text, artwork & print


You head for the cloud!

QCanywhere is a cloud-based bundle of business applications (QCapps™) that are simple to deploy on any PC or Mac. These applications enable businesses to automate their quality control processes to quickly compare and inspect documents regardless of the users’ geographic location. Reports can be generated and distributed by email or viewed securely online, thus improving operational efficiency, flexibility and profitability, while reducing time-to-market.

Powered by Global Vision Expert suite of automated proofreading solutions, QCanywhere is ideal for any type of business looking for fully-functional quality control apps that are scalable to meet their business needs.

QCapps – Mobile quality control business applications- Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone

  • QCartwork – Compare artwork files
  • QCbraille – Translate Braille
  • QCspell – Spell check PDFs
  • QCtext – Compare documents
  • QCprint – Inspect print
  • QCbarcode – Grade barcodes
  • QCenterprise – can be deployed based on the clients’ specific needs, policies, regulatory, legal, audit, and compliance requirements

Private Cloud: A secure customer dedicated cloud – For companies where internal infrastructure is an issue, private hosting offers all of the security benefits of on premises hosting without the headaches of freeing up and maintaining server space or purchasing a new dedicated server.

Public Hosting: A secure shared cloud – For companies where isolation of data is not mandated by regulatory requirements. These organizations will benefit from both reduced administrative and operational costs.

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