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Pneumatic Cutting Tools

Complex foil laminates require multi-cut tools that guarantee a reliable packaging process.

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Pneumatic cutting or so-called PCC (Pressure Controlled Cut) technology allows for spaces of as little as 0.1 mm between blade and die. Each notcher is equipped with a pneumatic cylinder. The sprung blade design prevents damage to the blade edge on contact with the die. PPC enables fast tool changing with no resetting as well as quick and easy adjustments for wear and tear.

It is recommendable in situations that demand a precise alignment of the notchers to the die. This is particularly the case when thin foil is used to cover a large number of cavities.

Pneumatic cutting tools reliably cut and process foils that are very thin or have limited rupture characteristics.

Control valves are used to switch easily and flexibly between the notching and cutting functions to adjust the space between individual notchers and the die.

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