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Multi-Punching Tools for Mass Production

Multi-punching tools achieve the greatest output per unit of time and deliver outstanding results.

multi punching

The mass production of portion packs is dependent on outstanding punch quality in addition to maximum output. PET-based cover foils that are particularly difficult to punch require a solid basic design with tight cutting tolerances.

Modern deep-draw machines for packaging items produce more than 150,000 units per hour. This is the only way of producing smaller packaging units such as tubs for coffee creamer or dips at market compliant conditions.

The punching tool is responsible for separating the tubs at the end of the process. These performance specifications can only be met by simultaneously punching up to 100 units per punch cycle.

Rohrer’s tool development division has developed what is currently the largest available punch cartridge with 108 cavities for FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) lines.

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