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Labelling Adhesives Latyl™ ES 77


Labelling Adhesives Latyl™ ES 77

Latyl ES 77 is a water-based, hybrid, labelling adhesive especially developed to address the seasonal price fluctuations of casein, whilst retaining very high operating performance.

An innovative new formulation approach yields excellent results across beer, beverage and spirits labelling applications. The performance of Latyl ES 77 has been proven under a wide array of running conditions. The product shows outstanding adhesion and machinability independent of bottling speed, substrate temperature and condition (dry/wet) or label types.

Latyl ES 77 uses standard working conditions to regular casein-based hybrid adhesives, allowing a seamless transition from one type of adhesive to another. Experience shows outstanding glue consumption results, excellent cleanability of the equipment after operation and reliable label removability for returnable bottles. As a result Latyl ES 77 provides a high performance, versatile and cost effective labelling solution across a broad range of bottling applications.


  • Superior price/performance ratio compared to similar hybrid adhesive
  • Broad operating window allows robust operation, potential product consolidation and efficient change over
  • Innovative formulation yields improved price stability through reduced exposure to casein price fluctuations
  • Improved machinability and reduced downtime

Laytul ES 77 labeling adhesives

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