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Hologram Labels

Securikett offers a range of sophisticated hologram labels to give you added security.

The integration is performed by hot foil stamping technology. This is much more secure than a hologram which has been applied by a labeling machine. In general, the smoother the surface of the material, the more bright and brilliant is the appearance of the hologram.

One may choose between image holograms and wall paper designs. In image holograms, the size of the image equals the size of the hologram. The wall paper label design is independent of the stamped size. This is the reason why wall paper design holograms are more attractive with regard of price, and they can be used for various sizes. However, the image holograms are more easily to remember and to recognize. They are also necessary for the ‘Authentikett’ application.

The customer’s selection with regards to hologram technology does not have any impact on the integration. This means that the security features of a hologram can be integrated into both types of holograms.


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