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Hapa - Late Stage Customisation and On Demand Printing Technologies

Late Stage Customisation and On Demand Printing Technologies

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Hapa 300 Universal Carton Printer

“Modular UV Printing System for Carton Cuts.” Hapa’s Universal Carton Printer is a Just-in-Time modular UV system printing text and graphics on carton cuts. Technologies available are UV Flexographic, UV Drop on Demand, or a Hybrid. A Braille module and the high-end marker redcube are available as options.

The UV Flexo module can print all text and graphics in pharmaceutical quality in one or multi-colours. The UV DOD inkjet module is fully-digital and can print one or up to four colours in spot or CMYK approach. It is ideal for the printing of variable, language-specific and market-specific text and easily facilitates private labelling as well as promotional and seasonal batches.

The Braille module prints transparent raised dots that do not obstruct existing print and involve no embossing. The redcube is used for marking and serialization needs. All print modules use UV ink which are quickly printed and cured, and are extremely durable. Colour change is quick and straightforward with all print modules.

Vision systems, a lacquer station and an eject station are also available as well as infeed, transport, and outfeed modules. Forthcoming are modules to fold and glue cartons that are then ready to use in the standard packaging process. Performance enhancing, Just-in-Time pack printing solutions help a company reach growth, efficiency, product security, environmental, and fiscal targets. The success of Hapa systems challenges uncertainties about reliability and return on investment with solutions that add value to pack processes.

Key Advantages _

  • Cut number of SKU’s considerably
  • Increase turnaround times
  • Significantly reduce supply chain sequences, reconciliation, obsolete materials and waste
  • Easily and economically realize private labelling, promotional and seasonal batches
  • Reliable, proven, high quality solvent-free UV ink printing
  • Format-free operation
  • Quick colour change
  • Simple, user-friendly operation and adjustment with colour touch-screen control panel
  • Ozone-free UV dryer modules provide instant curing of UV ink
  • UV Flexographic printer
  • Location pins secure print mats for accuracy
  • UV inks available in any PMS colour
  • Highest quality print (up to 2400 dpi)
  • UV DOD inkjet printer
  • Accurate and proven Drop On Demand piezo technology
  • Data transfer fully digital and secure
  • Uses pharma-tailored data processing software interface "Place-it"
  • Serialization, randomizing and code printing applications
  • UV DOD Braille printer and high-end UV DOD marker redcube available as options


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