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GMG Color Management Solutions for Packaging Applications


The product life cycle of consumer goods has become much shorter, while new products are developed and brought to market at a correspondingly high rate. Packaging design and print houses need to produce top-quality, contract-level packaging proofs and mock-ups quickly, along with color-managed packaging that can hold corporate colors well.

GMG solutions for packaging proofing on transparent and opaque materials provide dramatic time savings and cost reduction by up to 90%, compared with analog proofing. GMG color management software allows producing consistent and accurate color results on virtually any substrate – with white ink and varnish support. This is important for the digital production of packaging mock-ups made of the original materials. GMG offers the following products:

  • GMG FlexoProof is specifically designed for digital proofing of flexographic and package printing jobs. Both printing substrate color and structure – such as paper fibers or corrugated board – can be reproduced in the proof.
  • GMG DotProof generates contract-quality halftone proofs from the same 1 bit data used by the film or platesetter RIP. The same GMG applications that standardize all printing processes assure color-accurate flexo printing on press.
  • GMG ColorServer and GMG SmartProfiler software together permit consistent and accurate color results in digital proofing on original substrates and production of color-accurate packaging mock-ups.

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