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Flexible Blister Machine: RS950HP

The blister machine RS950HP offers great flexibility in production without individual operator protection.


Area of use

The blister machine RS950HP is reliable and offers demonstrably residue-free cleaning of machine components with product contact. This means that the same machine can be used for the development and production of various substances.


The blister machine RS950HP enables solid dosage forms, such as hormones, cytostatic drugs and other highly active substances to be packaged safely and reliably. The machine processes all commercially available foils.


The blister machine RS950HP is user-friendly and comes with an integrated high-capacity isolator from SKAN.

The isolator integrated in the blister machine was developed as a unit in cooperation with SKAN.

This machine’s specific design allows formats to be changed quickly and easily. The machine’s design enables the isolator and therefore the WIP area, to be as small as possible.

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