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Fingerprint™ On-Product Covert Protection


Fingerprint(TM) on-product AlpVision’s patented solution is based on the unique and intrinsic characteristics of the mold cavities used in the production of various parts of containers.

With this solution, additional marking is unnecessary; this applies for all matt parts. The process detects and records the unique “Fingerprint” of microscopic surface irregularities created by the mold cavity used for producing the part.

The process only requires the recording of a digital reference image of each mold cavity used in the production of the molded parts. It follows that only a limited number of reference images are necessary to authenticate the entire production of molded parts.

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This will discourage suppliers to deliver parts to counterfeiters by showing them that it is possible to trace the origin of the molded part.

Anti-counterfeiting and traceability

Brand owners, officials, agents, resellers can easily authenticate a product and detect which one is faked, including products already in the field before the deployment of the anti-counterfeiting program. Information such as the original mold cavity used to produce the part can be retrieved from the reference image to identify the manufacturing plant.

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