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Packaging Hot Melt Excelta™ 804 Plus


High-speed heat resistant hot melt

From North Africa to Iberia, Southern China to California, fresh produce growers are frequently challenged in achieving demanding strength requirements from their packaging trays whilst operating at high speeds under harsh ambient conditions.

Excelta 804 Plus is a metalloceen hot melt and has been developed to address these challenging operating requirements, offering fast and reliable setting under the most demanding conditions and a thermal resistance of up to 70°C.

This combination of features makes Excelta 804 Plus equally beneficial for hot filling applications and for packages which are required to resist elevated temperatures through the supply chain or in use. Excelta 804 Plus performs very well in tray forming applications in the fruit-juice, marinade, soup and spreads industries.


  • Highly heat resistant bonds (up to 70°C) both in the supply chain and also for hot fill applications
  • Fast setting for high speed machine operation
  • Reliable performance in elevated temperature operating environments
  • Excellent heat stability for consistent application performance

Exelta 804 Plus

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