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ES is a uniquely powerful project management system that allows everyone concerned with the production of multi-channel content to have complete real-time visibility with every aspect of the job.

Whether a newspaper advertisement, catalog pages, a series of labels for a bottle or any other marketing material, managing a project consists of much more than just a single task. It’s about producing, managing, transforming and sharing digital content with the appropriate tools, the right people, at the right time — any time and anywhere.


ES is the most complete web-based tool set, combining technical aspects of production with the lifecycle business workflow of multi-channel content. Based on standard, open technology, it allows seamless integration with third-party applications ranging from MIS or ERP systems to very specialized prepress applications for labels and packaging production. ES lets users plan, execute and control any aspect of media production, regardless of the final use of the output (print, web, ebook, movie, and others). It ensures productivity and long term profitability.

Along with a very comprehensive feature list, DALIM SOFTWARE always keeps the ES end user in mind. ES offers an intuitive and responsive user interface in a standard web browser, along with or Apps on mobile devices such as the Apple iPad. ES enables clients to communicate with users like never before, increasing overall efficiency.

By adding the DIALOGUE Engine Option, content, layout and color reviews, and approvals can be viewed at full resolution in perfect detail with a virtually unlimited zoom. With its built-in color management engine (SWOP® and Fogra certified) and densitometer tools, color can be simulated and judged accurately, avoiding the need for hard copy proofs. Rotating a document helps content reviews, espe¬cially on imposed or nested forms.

By integrating the TWIST Engine, DALIM SOFTWARE extends ES’s business logic of collaborative project management and sophisticated approval cycles with fully streamlined file transformation processes. Defined as business process milestones, TWIST Engine tasks reduce manual intervention even further by utilizing the metadata created for each project to facilitate file checking, optimization and enriching.

TWIST Engine is the most feature-rich and future proof digital production workflow available on the market today. It combines a drag & drop workflow creation and edition tool with a comprehensive tool set, supporting a wide variety of file formats and transformation functions has exceptional processing power from its’ scalable system architecture, and offers a vast range of functionality from the integra¬tion of a number of third party applications and databases.

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