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Docu-Proof™ Enterprise Text Inspection

Docu-Proof™ Enterprise has dramatically eased the challenges that professionals face on a daily basis when trying to manage and ensure the accuracy of packaging components, contracts, publications, manuscripts, and all other text documents.

Inspect with complete accuracy in seconds!

Docu-Proof™ Enterprise can help you:

  • Decrease time spent reviewing and confirming changes
  • Streamline & expedite approvals
  • Ensure copy integrity
  • Ensure accurate typesetting
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce time-to-market


Reads 5000 characters a second

Document Types:

» Inserts
» Labels
» Leaflets
» Booklets
» Brochures
» Advertisements
» SOPs
» Legal documents
» Website content
» Manuscripts
» Journals
» Magazines
» Publications
» Reports

Main features:

Text Document Comparison

  • Detect all chanes between MS Word, PDF, XML & text files, regardless of layout or format

Inspect Text In All Languages – Including Braille

Spell-Checking Capability

  • English medical dictionary (optional) and brand owners’ dictionary. Includes a large list of supported languages

Web Page Inspection

  • Ability to inspect *.mhtml and *.mht files versus MS Word and PDF files

Partial Text Inspection

  • Compare specific paragraphs and pages

Table Inspection Technology

Support for QRD Templates

  • Ability to inspect QRD templates for EMA submissions; SPL templates for FDA submissions

Find & Compare Feature Ability to nd multiple matches between master & revision documents

Font Size Tolerance

  • (As per new European Standards) Font size tolerance setting allowing for detection of font size differences as small as 0.01 pt

Save Projects Functionality

  • Ability to save proofreading project before it’s complete and resume work later

Annotation Feature for File Collaboration

  • View all differences & comments as PDF annotations

Extensive Commenting Capability

  • Ability to add comments/ classifications to multiple differences

Comprehensive Reporting

21 CFR Part 11 / Annex 11 Compliant

Available Validation Documenta- tion and Execution (IQ,OQ, PQ)

Connects to Major Artwork Management Systems

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