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A new era of cutting edge manufacturing is given with SCHOTT adaptiQ™ ready-to-use vials. Welcome to a future that gives you more freedom with a leaner process, more flexibility (using a standard syringe tub), improved quality (glass-to-glass contact free) and improved cost of ownership.

It is the only solution on the market that allows the vials to remain nested throughout the entire fill and finish process, developed in cooperation with respected and innovative machine suppliers.


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SCHOTT Vials DC, being a SCHOTT TopLine option, combine an optimized production process with a reliable chemical test procedure. The high inner glass surface homogeneity decreases the tendency for delamination especially at the bottom near delamination risk zone. By the patented SCHOTT Delamination Quicktest, the product quality is routinely inspected. Due to an unchanged glass composition and glass surface, conventional SCHOTT vials can be easily replaced by SCHOTT vials DC without re-registration.


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