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Cryptoglyph® On-Packaging Covert Protection


Cryptoglyph® is the only security process in the world providing invisible marking with standard visible ink or varnish and standard printing processes.

It follows that Cryptoglyph® can be easily integrated into any current packaging and labeling production line. Cryptoglyph® is especially efficient when large volumes are involved.

The Cryptoglyph® file is simply digitally overlayed on the packaging or label artwork, without modification of the design. It is as simple as adding a logo in the artwork.


Cryptoglyph® is a random field of micro-dots (about 10 to 20 microns), which are invisible to the naked eye and spread over the whole surface of the packaging or label. The printed micro-dots are very difficult to distinguish, even with a microscope, as the dots’ color and size are chosen such that they are camouflaged within the imperfections found in all printed material structures.

For aluminum based blister packs or varnished packaging and labels, the patented solution uses micro variations of the thickness of the varnish layer. In other words, micro holes instead of micro dots. The varnish is applied by regular varnish printers (offset, flexography, rotogravure) without incurring additional production cost.

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