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Thomson Reuters - The World's Leading Source of Life Sciences Intelligent Information

The World's Leading Source of Life Sciences Intelligent Information

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Competitive Intelligence

Patent, pipeline and competitor knowledge to help you optimize your IP portfolio, monitor industry developments and make better decisions.

• Newport Horizon Premium:
Advanced product targeting, business development and API sourcing database for generic pharmaceutical companies, OTC drug and API manufacturers.

Thomson Pharma:
Competitor intelligence database integrating more than 40 pharmaceutical data sources, unique abstracts, commentaries and analysis.

Thomson Pharma Partnering:
Competitor intelligence and R&D monitoring database for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries.

Prous Science Integrity:
Scientifically-focused drug R&D database integrating biological, chemical and pharmacological data on more than 300,000 compounds.

Newport Vision Premium:
Advanced generic drug competitive intelligence database and API sourcing system for pharmaceutical innovators.

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