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Cardboard Boxes and Pallets for Transport Packaging

We are very serious about simplifying your packaging procurement. To make things even simpler, we have now extended our portfolio to incorporate transport packaging.


The new range includes plastic pallets and cardboard boxes, so you can order them together with your other packaging materials and save cost and time on shipping.

We can supply you with new or used cardboard boxes. We buy the used cardboard boxes directly from our manufacturer partners and ensure they are in perfect condition, having been used only once. The boxes are available in various sizes.

Make sure to regularly check out our cardboard box selection as it varies from time-to-time, according to what we can source from our partners.

New boxes can be supplied in all shapes and sizes. Contact us, and let us know what you need exactly. Plastic pallets can also be ordered in various sizes and types. We keep some pallets in-stock, but you can also contact us if you have specific requirements.

Quick Contact Cardboard Boxes and Pallets for Transport Packaging