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Blister Machine R550

The machine enables the flexible and reliable production of samples and small series of blister packs in reproducible quality.

Blister machine

The compact blister machine R550 is equipped with a quick and easy tool changing system. The tabletop machine produces qualified results for forming, sealing and punching processes. The corresponding recipes and process parameters are managed by an internal tool recognition system. Tools are upwards compatible with other R machines.

Developing packaging solutions in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and healthcare often requires the production of samples at short notice as a basis for scale-up. The blister machine R550 is designed for the production of stability samples and feasibility studies.

The blister machine R550 is extremely flexible, easy to use and has a large format surface area. It is mainly used as a laboratory machine for blister development and the production of stability samples, but can also be used for the production of transdermal patches.

More information about the blister machine R550 and the production of blister packs.

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