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BarProof™ Barcode Detector & Verifier

Global Vision's BarProof™ automatically locates all barcodes on a label,carton or press sheet, and grades each barcode according to CEN/ANSI/ISO standards.

Verify an entire press sheet in one pass!


Verify & decode linear 1D & 2D barcodes

Global Vision’s BarProof™ Benefits:

  • Instantly locates and grades all barcodes on a press sheet
  • Simple to use
  • Color coded reporting
  • Easily identifies pass/fail barcodes
  • ISO/ANSI/CEN compliant
  • 21CFR Part 11 compliant
  • No need for more hardware, use your existing ScanTVS™ scanner

Why Verify?

Barcode verification is your insurance policy for the highest quality barcode in your supply chain, thus enhancing your supplier customer relationship.

Why Can’t I Just Use a Barcode Reader?

A barcode that is ‘read’ with a wand gives no guarantee that it will be readable with another wand, nor that it can be properly verified. In addition, a barcode reader might tell you that your barcode is unreadable, but it won’t identify the problem.

Our Barcode Verifier takes precise measurements of each individual bar, and qualifies each barcode from A to F based on the grading criteria below. By knowing a barcode grade, you will know which corrective action you need to take, if any.

Grading Criteria

Decode – Checks if the scan line data can pass the reference decode algorithm

Symbol Contrast – Checks the difference between the minimum and maximum reflectance of the scan line

Minimum Reflectance – Checks that the minimum reflectance is less than half of the maximum reflectance

Minimum Edge Contrast – Checks the smallest edge contrast found in the scan line

Modulation – Checks the ratio of the minimum edge contrast to the symbol contrast

Defects – Checks for reflectance non-uniformity along the scan line

Decodability – Checks the accuracy of the barcode printing and image in relation to the appropriate symbology reference decode algorithm

Standards Compliance

  • ISO/IEC 15416
  • ISO/IEC 15415
  • 21CFR Part 11
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