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More info about AlpVision

AlpVision invisible digital technologies protect billions of branded products against counterfeiting and market diversion worldwide for various industries including pharma and tobacco companies.

Single point of contact

The security server delivered by AlpVision under the trade name of Krypsos™ enables branded products manufacturers to provide their supply chain with a single point of contact for both fraud detection and genuine product authentication. It also provides valuable logistics data, such as on market diversion activity.

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AlpVision security solutions have the additional advantage of being based on the use of only standard equipment (office scanner and digital camera) to capture the object’s characteristics. This information is then fed into the data base to be used in the remote authentication process.

Software delivered by AlpVision for protection of branded products against counterfeiting is guaranteed to be in accordance with regulatory guidelines of various industries, such as for example GAMP 5 Computerized System Validation guidelines for pharmaceutical products.


Quick Contact Authentication of Branded Products