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United Caps opens new automated warehouse in Wiltz, Luxembourg

Plastic caps and closures manufacturer United Caps has opened a automated warehouse in Wiltz, Luxembourg.

The warehouse is expected to increase the company’s storage capacity by 30%, from 3000 palettes to 4500.

The facility is also expected to improve the logistical quality with quality inspections carried out during the entire storage and loading process.

United Caps claims that the warehouse will offer 100% of First-In-First-Out automatic inventory management, which ensure best quality products.

The two aisles, each 50m x 10m with various levels featured products symmetrically, will make sure accurate delivery even if a breakdown occurs. 

United Caps CEO Benoît Henckes said: “We opened our plant in Wiltz 25 years ago and have made significant investments in the operation each year. It is the largest UNITED CAPS plant and arguably one of the most productive and technologically advanced in Europe.

The automated warehouse facility is the latest masterpiece to complete the factory. It is designed to support the company's manufacture of over nine billion high-performance closures and caps every year.

Henckes said: “This development, plus our plans to break ground on our first non-European site in Malaysia in 2018, are signs of our healthy growth and our dedication to our ‘Close to You’ strategy designed to strengthen ties with our key customers around the globe.”

As per United Caps, the automated warehouse will enable faster loading of trucks. Up to 10 trucks can be loaded in a single day.

The warehouse will also improve environmental sustainability by removing the need to shift products from external warehouse and thanks to the use of latest energy management system, the power consumption is also very low.

Image: United Caps opens new automated warehouse in Wiltz, Luxembourg. Photo: Courtesy of UNITED CAPS.