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Ulvac introduces new dry etching system for 600mm packaging substrates

Japanese vacuum equipment manufacturer Ulvac has introduced new dry etching system for 600mm advanced packaging substrates, in a bid to provide uniform Descum process and Ti etching process.

The company has developed the new NA-1500 dry etching system to support the mass-produced packaging process.

The new dry etching system can be used in applications, including Descum, Desmear, surface treatment, pretreatment for wet process such as plating and underfill.

In addition, the system can be used for Resin material ashing, Seed layer Ti etching and SiO2/SiN etching.

With wiring pattern miniaturization, circuit resistance reduction and parasitic capacity removal, the high-density packaging technologies will facilitate higher data transfer speeds, helping to expand smart mobile device market.

Advanced and thinner mobile devices such as smartphones need thinner and higher-pin-count IC packages. The fan-out wafer level package (FO-WLP) technologies were developed to meet this demand.
Now the packaging manufacturers have increased substrate size (panel level package) from φ300mm to 600mm to quintuple the area ratio, enabling to reduce FO-WLP production cost.

Through using the enhanced plasma source, the company has developed the dry etching system for 600mm substrate.

This plasma source is said to facilitate fast and low-temperature etching of resin layer, whih may not be carried out with the existing CCP*2 method.

According to the company, the plasma source can be applied to fluorine gases, helping to remove seed layer Ti etching without etching.