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UK’s Green Recycling invests in Max-AI AQC intelligent vision system

UK industrial and commercial waste specialist Green Recycling has invested in Max-AI autonomous quality control (AQC) system to speed up the recovery of recyclables.

The company purchased new artificial intelligence (AI) robotic sortic technology to advance recovery of recyclables without using more labour at its commercial and commingled dry recyclables MRF in Maldon, Essex, UK.

Green Recycling is planning to start the operations of Max-AI AQC in the first quarter of 2018.

 In 2017, Oregon-based Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) had launched Max-AI AQC, which is an AI-powered vision system that can identify recyclables.

Max-AI AQCwill take decisions and helps robotic sorter to pick items and place them in chutes.

The equipment at Green Recycling’s facility will allow to open bags, collect plastic film, OCC, and segregate material using screen and air separation technologies.

Max-AI AQC will carry out the similar functions and works on the recovery line to capture card, news and pams, HDPE natural, PET bottles and wood.

Max-AI AQC intelligent vision system is trained by deep learning process, which will help to immediately identify various recyclables.

It can also take various decisions such as prioritising the picking order based on size, value and location and direct the robotic sorter to pick and place the recovered end products into chutes. The system holds capacity to make 65 picks per minute

Green Recycling managing director Rob Smith said: “We believe that this technology will revolutionise MRF operations and we’re excited to be the first to introduce it here in the UK.

“Our aim is to deliver a flexible and efficient recycling process to our customers and we’re always on the lookout for the latest technology to further automate and improve our process. We believe we have found it with Max-AI AQC.”

Image: Green Recycling has invested in Max-AI autonomous quality control system to enhance recovery of recyclables. Photo: courtesy of NATIONAL RECOVERY TECHNOLOGIES, LLC.