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Two packaging firms select Grapevine Communications for packaging design services

Grapevine Communications has been selected by Penta5 USA and Midlake Specialty Food Products for branding and packaging design services.

Grapevine will provide branding and packaging design services for Penta5's UltraSun Cream, a paraben-free, zinc oxide (non-nano), broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen.

In addition, the company will design packaging design for Midlake Specialty's line of hempseed food products including powders, oils and Nutracis Hulled Hempseeds.

Grapevine said it created a niche in the manufacturing and packaging industries dating back to its original operations in Montreal, Canada from 1988 to 1998.

During that time, the company worked with Johnson & Johnson Canada, Wulftec stretch wrappers, IFCO reusable containers, Patrex palette, and Hoechst Pharmaceutical. The company was also the longstanding Agency of Record for Intertape Polymer Group (IPG).

The company was re-established in 2002 by Massaro and John Fain. The couple has managed to attract manufacturing and packaging companies, who want to tap Grapevine’s capabilities and creative work.

Some of its new clients include Quasar Pure Silk, Weighpack Machinery, Mad at Sad 221 BC kombucha tea, and EverSafe all-natural mosquito control, among others.

Grapevine president Allison Imre Perkowski said: “Our team has earned a reputation for creating attention-grabbing packaging designs that make products stand out on the shelves.

“We look forward to bringing our expertise to highlight our new clients’ products and set them apart from the competition.”

Last month, Grapevine was acquired by its current president and owner Allison Imre Perkowski.

Massaro and John Fain will continue working with the company, serving as executive creative director and operations consultant, respectively.