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Tidland’s all-electric knifeholder lifts accuracy

Claimed to be the industry’s first all-electronic knifeholder, Tidland’s e-Knifeholder is said to eliminate guesswork in set-up and increase blade life, slitting accuracy and efficiency.

The e-Knifeholder can self calibrate to assure critical blade geometry during set-up, blade overlap and side-force, according to thecompany. By ensuring the proper adjustments during set-up, blade wear is reduced and changes are required less often, reducing downtime and operating costs. Consistent slit quality is ensured as side-force and blade overlap are maintained through multiple shifts, making blade life easy to track and reducing the time and frequency of maintenance, it is claimed.

Settings are entered with an “easy to use” interface, providing remote control of the knifeholders to reduce hands-on time during the set-up and run process. The e-Knifeholder is also said to reduce the amount of training needed for an operator to be able to set up knives properly – and to eliminate inconsistencies in set-up across multiple knifeholders.


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