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ThisCap develops new tethered cap for bottled beverages

US-based manufacturer ThisCap has created a new range of tethered cap for bottled drinks.

Development of the new bottled cap is expected to support the California Assembly Bill AB-319 – The Tethered Cap Bill, which aims to mandate recycling of all plastic caps along with their bottles by 2020.

The caps are also set to ensure all single-use plastics are recycled and kept out of wildlife habitats and Earth’s delicate ecosystem.

ThisCap also noted that more than 6.5 billion plastic caps are opened every day and only 10% of these caps are recycled.

The remaining 5.8 billion is discarded to pollute lands, oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, killing millions of animals every year.

The new tethered cap features a patented solution that does not require additional manufacturing cost and can be implemented by flat cap manufacturers with a one-day setup.

ThisCap inventor and CEO Michael Maguire said: “The reason ThisCap can be implemented at no extra manufacturing cost is that our design utilises the existing manufactured cap with only a slight patented modification.

“No re-tooling of equipment is necessary, just a simple machine part change and any existing cap can become ThisCap.”

ThisCap expects its new tethered bottle cap to be used across Asia, India and Africa this year, and in Europe and the Americas by the first quarter of next year.