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Thin Film Electronics partners with Charming Trim & Packaging

Thin Film Electronics, a provider of near field communication (NFC) mobile marketing and smart-packaging solutions, has collaborated with Charming Trim & Packaging, which offers trim and packaging solutions to the garment industry.

Under the partnership, Thinfilm’s NFC SpeedTap and OpenSense technologies will be incorporated in Charming’s apparel hang tags, empowering brands to engage directly with shoppers and customers via the simple tap of a smartphone.

SpeedTap technology can be integrated into a product’s hangtag, label or packaging and can be read with tap of an NFC-enabled smart phone.

After tapping the NFC tag with a compatible smart phone, the phone connects to Thinfilm’s CNECT cloud platform and communicates relevant content regarding the product and its brand information, promotions, authentication messaging, and other content brand-directed content.

The cloud-based marketing can update messaging in real time to cut down the existing gap between the speed of social networks and also long lead times inherent in fashion design, production and freight.

This incorporation is majorly focused to engage directly with shoppers and customers through the simple tap of a smart phone.

Charming Trim president Rich Ringeisen said: “We want to help the brands we serve to connect with shoppers, either at retail or through direct-to-consumer channels, in order to build lasting relationships. Thinfilm’s SpeedTap tags and CNECT cloud platform combine to make NFC interactive deployments straightforward and effective.”

Integrating Thinfilm’s CNECT Brand Analytics SaaS platform facilitates streamlined tag configuration, campaign creation and management, and analytics reporting.

The smart NFC hang tags can help in monitoring everything from inventory management to loss prevention.

Thinfilm manufactures printed tags, labels, and systems that include memory, sensors, displays, and wireless communication.

The company offers end-to-end mobile marketing solutions featuring hardware, label/packaging integration services, and comprehensive cloud-based management, reporting and analytics.