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The sauce of packaging inspiration

The sauce of packaging inspiration

12 May 2015

The sauce of packaging inspiration

When it comes to opening condiment sticks or sachets, however easy the opening instructions purport to be on the pack – things often don’t go to plan!

But now, a range of own-label condiments, that allows caterers to brand to their own livery, has been launched in stick-pack format by Single Source.

Doing ‘exactly what it says on the tin’, the new Single Source’ condiment range utilises unique packaging innovation that ensures every stick really IS easy to open and ensures no spillage. The new format has been launched as a direct response to calls from operators across the industry, who continually face the challenges set for them by consumers when it comes to the size of portion, and the ease of opening sticks and sachets.

The new condiment stick range, offers good size portions and has been produced in line with current Government’ nutritional guidelines. It includes the full line up of Mayonnaise, Tomato Sauce, Brown Sauce, Salad Cream, Tartare Sauce, French Mustard, English Mustard, Vinegar, Mint Sauce and Horseradish Sauce with seasonal variants set to be introduced to compliment the range across the year.

Speaking about the launch Managing Director, Paul Mainwaring, commented:

"Innovation across all areas of our business is a core ethos for Single Source; and this brand new concept directly answers the needs of the industry, which has long called for an alternative to the out-of-date top tag sachet packs.

"We are delighted to be able to answer this call with our new range of totally customisable condiment sticks, in a packaging concept that will make the task of putting some tomato sauce or mayo on food simple once more.

Our customers will be able to brand the sticks with their own livery, adding value and enjoyment to their own customer dining experience – instead of the current frustration when consumers are presented with an inferior product."

The traditional format adopted by the market is a light plastic sachet with a small serrated opening in the packet. These are marketed as ‘simple’ to open but are frequently highlighted as anything but easy to use, especially for young or infirm customers in education or health settings.

Single Source’s new packaging concept, however, incorporates brand new thinking; the condiment sticks use a flip cap format that couldn’t be easier to open to create a funnel to pour from, eradicating mess and spillage issues.

Single Source Ltd also offers a range of sugar and sweetener products exclusively to the foodservice sector.

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