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Svecom reel spool stays maintenance-free

In 2003, Kruger Tissue Industrial needed an expanding reel spool for the reel-up on its tissue machine at Disley, UK. The requirement was for a spool that ran concentric and true, and designed so that maintenance could be carried out easily by mill personnel.

Jarshire met this requirement with a Svecom model 640/PQL expanding reel spool.

When, four years on, Kruger ordered a further two Svecom spools, according to Steve Waring, paper machine manager at Disley, the company had still not fitted any spares parts or indeed had any maintenance issues with the original shaft.

Now all three spools are on stream and said to be helping Kruger’s maintain its reputation for high quality jumbo reels of tissue.

Jarshire says the advantage of the Svecom system is that “there is no need for the dozens, or even hundreds, of heavy and expensive non expanding reel spools to wind, store or transport the product”.

The 640/PQL reel spools can be supplied from 150-600mm diameter and up to 14m long. The shafts have two sets of multiple expanding ledges that run the complete length of the shaft body. One set is made from steel, which centres the spool in the core so that it runs concentric and true and without vibration at the highest production speeds.

The second set of ledges is constructed of rubber vulcanized to a steel backing plate. These, by air pressure, produce a strong and positive expansion in wear resistant urethane bladders. As the bladders require far less volume of air than older type single bladder shafts, cycle times for inflation/deflation are dramatically reduced, it is claimed. These gripping ledges offer customers a “no reel slip” guarantee.

Each urethane bladder has its own internal check valve for guaranteed expansion ensuring a fail-safe design. If one fails, the rest remain inflated, the failed bladder can then be easily located and repaired in 10-15min with just a pair of scissors and an Allen key.

Inflation and deflation is automatic from one end or both ends, if required. The gripping ledges are said to expand much further than other reel spools, to provide ample clearance for insertion and withdrawal from cores and reels


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