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Sustainability in printing

The US-based Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), a non-profit organisation providing sustainability certification in the graphic communications industry, has launched the ‘Take Action’ campaign to encourage printers, print buyers, suppliers, and others to reap the benefits of getting involved with the SGP.

The Take Action campaign has several goals to achieve by early Q1 2013. These include: raising the number of SGP Certified applicants; increasing the number of print buyers that preference SGP Certified printers; increasing the number of suppliers that sponsor SGP; and significantly raising the number of organisations and individuals on its mailing list. Toward this end, the campaign will involve outreach via email, social networking, print, and traditional one-to-one phone calls with its target audience.

“SGP Certification does more than just help companies become good stewards for the environment, it significantly improves a business’s value and its bottom line,” comments Heidi Thompson, SGP’s Take Action campaign leader. “We are putting SGP and sustainability in front of everyday businesses, and through that effort will share the many benefits that SGP offers.”

Print facilities can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by becoming SGP Certified. SGP’s publicly vetted set of criteria and third-party certification identifies operational improvements and waste reductions, and helps print facilities to meet the ever-growing supply chain requirements.

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