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Sukano launches new Masterbatch for oriented film application

Sukano has introduced the latest generation of ultra-clear Masterbatch for oriented film (OPET) application.

Schindellegi, Switzerland, October 10th, 2017 – Sukano, a world leader in the development and production of additive and colour masterbatches and compounds for polyester and specialty resins, recently launched its latest generation of ultra-clear Masterbatch for oriented film (OPET) application.

Over the last 30 years, the company has never stopped searching for ways to keep improving the performance of its additives for OPET to further improve optical and physical performance. This experience and innovation has paid o  with the development of this new formulation.

When used at 1000ppm, lab results conducted at the Sukano global technical center in Switzerland show that this new formulation produces haze levels below 1% on a 10/80/10 coex OPET film with 24microns thickness, while at the same time providing excellent coe icient of friction (COF) values and printability.

 OPET coex films 10/80/10 containing 1500ppm active ingredient as typical maximum use level in thicknesses as 12micron, 24 micron and 50 micron have also demonstrated outstanding haze levels – again, measured in-house – reported at 1.22%, 1.27% and 1.98% respectively.

The result of a new chemical combination of additives, Sukano employed a thorough selection of ingredients with a large particle size to create higher surface roughness. This provides the fastest-known splitting speed in use reported today, while melt filtration is kept suitable for 20micron filters.

In order to minimize issues common to early stage project development, Sukano’s formula was tested at lab scale to evaluate the extrusion performances of the material. This was done using the company’s in-house COEX commercial film line dedicated to PET from Dr Collin, which has the ability to produce up to 5layer film structures.

This was followed by a validation of optical (color, opacity, gloss) and physical (density, mechanical) properties of the film using the Sukano's KARO IV labstretcher from Bru¨ckner.